It is so common to see brides up their exercise regime or start a new exercise regime in the run up to their wedding. All in that final bid to look and feel their best on their big day.

Different types of exercise will affect your shape and so it is important to consider the look you are going for. You can then choose which type of exercise is going to be the best for you. So lets shed some light on the different exercise and what they can do to shape your business.

On top of thinking about the type of training you do, you also need to consider what god gave you! There are 3 main body types and you need to deal with the fact that although you can do a LOT to change your figure, you will never be able to completely change your natural body type.

1 – Ectomorph. The ectomorph tends to be tall and lean. They are the people we all envy as they seem to look like supermodels no matter what they eat and whether they work out or not! They have a metabolism to die for. Weight training is a great exercise route for the ectomorph. It will tone, add a few curves in the right places and make sure they don’t look too long and lean.

2- Mesomorph. The mesomorph is low in body fat and builds muscle easily. They are naturally muscular and can sport a crop top without an inch of muffin top! Mesomorphs who build muscle easily will benefit from combining HIIT with weight lifting and some cardio sessions to keep them looking beautifully toned.

3- Endomorph. Endomorphs are stockier, have bigger rib cages and shorter limbs. They find it hard to lose weight (how many of you have now come to the conclusion that you are an endomorph?!) and have a slower metabolism. A combination of HIIT training, cardio, weights and generally just moving more will help the endomorph create sexy curves in all the right places.


HIIT – High intensity Interval training.

This is one of my all time faves. It is the best way to shred fat in the shortest amount of time. Working out for just 10 minutes can have a BIG impact on your fat burning capacity and you can actually burn fat for up to 24 hours after a HIIT workout – who doesn’t LOVE the sound of that??!! Now having said that, if you do a PROPER HIIT workout, I can promise you, you will want to vomit at the end of it! So what is a HIIT session? All you do is go full pelt for around 30 seconds – it could be sprinting, cycling, burpees, jogging on the spot with high knees – ANYTHING that is going to break you out in a serious sweat and makes you feel like your heart is going to pop out of your chest. You then rest until your heart rate comes down and repeat 6-8 times. And that is it…done! You become a fat burning beast.


Women, please please please know that you will NOT turn into Arnie by lifting heavy weights. Women do not have as much testosterone as men and testosterone builds muscle. So in fact it is actually a lot harder for women to put muscle on than men. Having more muscle speeds up your metabolism and also takes up a lot less space than fat. If you are a mesomorph you will build muscle easier than the other 2 body types, so it is even more important to lift weights if you are an ectomorph or endomorph. So get curling those biceps if you want a lovely, sculpted figure. You probably will notice an increase in the span of your rib cage so do not panic if you go up a bra size.



Long distance running or chronic cardio can actually cause weight gain if you do too much of it. I see it so many times, people don the running shoes and start pounding the pavement in a desperate bid to lose weight. Yes some cardio is good, but too much of anything can be a bad thing. Chronic cardio can cause a rise in your stress hormone cortisol which causes fat to be deposited around the belly. So if you notice that you are getting a bit flabby round the middle it may be time to change your exercise regime.


I LOVE yoga. There are many different types of yoga so you could literally do a different yoga workout every day of the week. Some are much more about the mind and body connection and others are a hot sweaty workout. Yoga will give you a beautifully sculpted yet elongated figure. Perfect for the mesomorph who builds muscle easily.


Just moving more! We could all do with getting out and doing more low level activity like walking, cycling, standing. Would it shock you to think that you may be sitting down 90% of your day?! The commute to work in the car, sitting at your desk all day only moving to go to the loo or the coffee machine, the commute back then crawling into bed. Sound familiar?! Now it is easy to see how you spend your life sitting, right?! Invest in a standing desk or set an alarm to get you up every 45 mins to go for a 10 min walk. Get off the bus a stop earlier, go for a walk after dinner, use your bike to go into town. There are so many ways to increase your movement. My fave- dancing in the kitchen!!! Just get moving.


With all exercise it is important to feed your muscles otherwise your body will start to break them down as fuel so always make sure you give your body a rest, refuel with good protein sources and get plenty of sleep.

For me, there is nothing better than having a varied exercise regime. I in fact will be the blushing bride in a years time and have already started my exercise plan. Early preparation is the key ladies. DO NOT leave it until a couple of weeks before the wedding, crash diet, live on air and water and start running 3 hours a day. I can promise you it will not give you the look you desire! Start now and create your own fun filled exercise plan combining all of the different exercise types. This way you will give your body a rev up every time you workout. Muscle confusion is the best way to make your body burn fat and build muscle. Your body doesn’t know what is coming and so never gets used to doing one thing. You could do a HIIT workout on a Monday, yoga on a Tuesday, some weights on a Thursday and go for a run in nature at the weekend. Couple that with a healthy diet and I am sure you will walk down the aisle turning many heads

Please remember to always consult with your Dr before starting a new workout regime, particularly if you have any medical conditions.