Complexion Perfection Programme

Success Stories

Clare GothardI had been suffering with troubled skin for over a year. I tried various contraceptive pills, different spot creams, face creams & visited the doctors & nothing helped 😩. It was beginning to really get me down and I was losing my confidence & hated being in social situations as I was so uncomfortable with my skin. A year and a half passed & I got in contact with Sarah who kindly offered me a free consultation. She introduced a new diet plan for me & gave me an amazing facial which did my skin the world of good using a variety of Arbonne International botanically based products getting rid of any unwanted toxins … She applied these amazing products and suggested I changed my make up brand. Over 6 weeks I stuck to my new diet plan exercised regularly & introduced my skin to the new Arbonne products. I started to use the Arbonne foundation – which I cannot recommend enough 😀 it is amazing – slowly my skin has improved so much & I now don’t have any under the skin bumps & pimples to worry about !

I’m so glad I made these changes and can’t thank Sarah enough for her help advice & support in me getting healthier looking skin

Clare Gothard

complexion-perfection-before-and-afterI came to Sarah with an increasing acne problem, which really weighed me down, as I was used to having clear skin. I was physically very fit, however with increased stressed in my personal life, I had not realised how my sleep patterns have changed and how poorly my diet had gotten. After consulting with Sarah, she was able to identify potential issues straight away and put me on a health plan with guided food, supplements, recipes and generally great advice! I am so glad to see my skin clearing up from changing my diet and I am very grateful to Sarah!

Grete Bardenzyte

Liz MortimerSummer 2013 I suffered from vitiligo on my face, and at the same time I was diagnosed with rosacea. I have suffered mood swings, feeling bloated all my life – could not lose weight, despite the amount of ‘healthy eating’ I was doing. On top of all this I was also anaemic and suffered stress and anxiety.

It wasn’t until I started the 30 day programme that things changed. For the 1st week all I could think about was hot buttered warburtons toast, I had headaches, I was tired, but once I got over that first week – I loved it! My dry skin has gone, I’ve not seen my rosacea since, everything I was suffering from disappeared. I am now a size 8/10 (December 2013 I was a size 14 no matter how much dieting I did). Today I still base the way I eat on Sarah’s plan and feel better than I did as a teenager! Thank you Sarah, you are an inspiration.

Liz Mortimer

To be honest a simple thank you doesn’t seem enough as since meeting Sarah last month my lifestyle has taken a dramatic change, her knowledge regarding nutrition is impeccable and the relaxing facials I received were such god send. I have never felt or looked better! My skin is so much clearer and I have lost weight! It definitely works!

Tracey Hurrell

Sarah was so passionate and knowledgeable when talking to me. I’ve taken on board both the dietary advice and product advice. My skin has improved so much, I can’t believe it!

Francesca Sutherland

1 day in and my skin is already looking and feeling better and clearer … Is that possible?!

Kirsty E Erins

After 12 years of suffering with severe psoriasis I have been given every cream by the doctors , none of them worked long term as they only targeted my skin , Sarah has educated me in my diet as well as which products to apply to find a more natural approach to treating my condition. After just 30 days it has given me results and a lifestyle that at last I can start living again. It is so much more than a diet it is the answer I have been looking for. Sarah, you probably hear it all the time but because of you, my life has now turned around and so has my family’s for the better. What you do is good so keep on doing it and be proud. It’s the littlest thing to wear a t shirt in public or take the kids swimming for some people but now for me it’s something I can do because of your guidance

Nick Bean