If you are stressed, no matter how good you are with your food, you will not lose weight.
Short term stress can lead to weight loss but prolonged low level stress which many of us are faced with leads to an increase in the stress hormone cortisol which leads to weight gain, particularly around the middle. It makes blood sugar go out of balance which results in more cravings also.

Not only that, as your body is in fight or flight mode when stressed, it is ready to run from sabre tooth tigres…GRRR!! So being the clever machine that it is your body pumps all of your blood to your muscles so that you can run from danger.

Your digestive system needs that blood to aid digestion, so your whole digestive system packs up, you don’t absorb nutrients and its a vicious cycle. Just have a think, have you ever had a really stressful period of time and felt bloated, tired, like nothing is going down? This is why!

So find a way every day to take some time out for YOU. Here are some things you could do to lower your stress levels and improve your health:

1- Take 10 deep breaths in and out. It can be that simple
2- Have a lovely bath loaded with magnesium, Arbonne purifying sea soaks or the unwind bath salts are AMAZING for this.
3- Meditate. Don’t necessarily try to clear your mind but just be aware of what is going on in your head and accept it
4- Laugh! Find something fun in every single day
5- Sleep enough
6- Exercise. Exercise is great at balancing hormones. Get the combination right. Exercise can be stressful to the body too so don’t go MAD!! (I have a habit of doing this!) Just 3 sessions of HIIT for 20 mins and then some weights a few times a week and walking is just fine
7- Yoga.
8- Find something positive in every situation