Could Not Eating Enough Be Sabotaging Your Weight Loss Attempts?

Millions of people worldwide struggle with conventional weight loss methods each year, and less than 10 percent of them keep the weight off long-term.
So what is the secret to long term sustainable weight loss….


If you are looking to lose weight and be healthy, make sure you are eating enough. WAHOOO I hear you all cry!!

Every ‘dieters’ dream….eat more lose more weight!

I know it may seem hard to believe but trust me on this one. It will change your life, no more weighing every piece of food and calculating every mouthful. In fact chuck those weighing scales out the window!

Your body is such a clever machine and it does everything it can to sustain homeostasis (basically, this means balance) so if you start consuming LOTS less calories for extended periods of time, you will find that your body slows down to preserve energy.

Intermittent periods of fasting can have HUGE health benefits, they can slow down the ageing process in our bodies BUT see the word ‘intermittent’ That doesn’t mean all the time!

This is one of the classic mistakes that people make…’I want to lose weight…I will just eat less’.


When we look at calories, it is not the simple equation of ‘calories in, calories out’ that has been promoted so heavily in the past. There is so much more to it than that. This theory is a drastic over simplification.

This is also how fat became the dieters devil. Gram for gram, fat has more calories than protein and carbohydrates when in fact eating good fats can fuel your metabolism up and carbohydrates can make you gain weight.

Of course if you gorge and overeat all the time you will put on weight but if you are increasing your activity, and don’t eat enough, your metabolism will slow down as your body thinks it needs to save every ounce of energy it can. This results in your being tired, having poor skin and hair and hormones going out of balance.

What else is wrong with this flawed approach to weight management?

Here is an example for you. You could drink a can of fizzy drink…OR you could eat an egg. Which do you think is going to have the most health benefits?! The fizzy drink contains absolutely no nutrients whereas the egg is LOADED with choline, Vitamin A, Vitamin B12, protein, essential fats, Vitamin D and much more. These all have a profound effect on our bodies and promote good health.

Another great example for you. Cigarettes are calorie free, does that mean they are good for us…NO!!!

Different nutrients have different effects on the body, some turn on fat storage hormones like insulin and others turn on fat burning hormones so it is important to make sure we are eating nutrient dense foods rather than obsessing over the calorie count.

It teaches disordered eating. Are you going to spend the rest of your life weighing every minute piece of food that you consume in order to maintain your weight? NO!! So how is this a good solution to long term health goals?! I have first-hand experience of this so please learn from my mistakes. In my former career as a professional dancer I became calorie obsessed. You could have fired any food at me and I could have told you the calorie content. I even used to weight cucumber to know the EXACT amount of calories I was consuming. MADNESS! I was miserable, obsessive and scared of food. Also being the obsessive person that I am. I went through a phase where I got obsessed with HIIT exercise which in the right amount is an AMAZING form of exercise but I was doing it way too much and not eating enough. What happened you may be thinking? I didn’t turn into a pumpkin or grow two heads but after doing this for too long I started to feel horrendous, my stress hormone cortisol went through the roof and I started to GAIN weight even though I was eating less…go figure!

So focus on nutrient density, eat when hungry until full and don’t think ‘how can I eat less calories’