Complexion Perfection Programme

Your skin is the one thing you have to wear every day. Take good care of it.

Waking up with a zit, dehydrated and dull skin is every Bride’s WORST nightmare. Understanding how to take care of your skin in the run up to your big day is VITAL if you want to avoid this all too common occurrence.

Sarah is not your ‘average’ beauty therapist. Being a Skin health Specialist, Nutritional Therapist and having a Botanical Skincare Company means Sarah can take a multi-faceted approach to ensuring you have the best skin of your life. Great skin is an inside and outside job and Sarah and her team can cover every single aspect right from what to eat and apply through to giving luxury facials using the latest Ultrasound technology coupled with Ground Breaking, Botanically based Skincare Products.

The Programme offers:

  • A full diet and lifestyle consultation, step by step plan and follow up so you know what to eat and drink to gain the most glowing, gorgeous complexion
  • A series of 3 luxury facials using a combination of Botanically based, technologically advanced skincare and Ultrasound technology to deliver the products deeper into the skin
  • The chance for you to relax, unwind and be pampered
  • Information on which products to use every day so you can turn your own bathroom into your ‘in home’ salon
  • Product samples and recommendations – no more wasting money on products that end up in the bin as they aren’t right for you
  • Exclusive discounts all year round on all products used so you can benefit from Ultra-Premium skincare not just for your big day but for ever more

Success Story

complexion-perfection-before-and-afterI came to Sarah with an increasing acne problem, which really weighed me down, as I was used to having clear skin.

I was physically very fit however with increased stressed in my personal life, I had not realised how my sleep patterns have changed and how poorly my diet had gotten.

After consulting with Sarah, she was able to identify potential issues straight away and put me on a health plan with guided food, supplements, recipes and generally great advice! I am so glad to see my skin clearing up am very grateful to Sarah!

Grete Bardenzyte

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