Clean And Lean 30 Day Dream Dress Programme

Your wedding day is the day when you are more determined than ever to get in shape and feel completely body confident.

Don’t make the classic mistake many Bride’s make of CRASH dieting, starving yourself and generally robbing your body of what it needs to function properly.

As a Qualified Nutritional Therapist Sarah supports Bride’s in achieving their weight loss goals. Shifting those stubborn pounds in a way that is sustainable and healthy is possible under the right guidance.

The Clean and Lean Plan is a sustainable, tasty and simple to follow

  • Full Recipe book with delectable dinners and tasty treats, all simple to create and taking less than 30 minutes to cook
  • Fully guided workbook and documents to help your clear out the cupboards and fill your kitchen with nutritious foods that will rev up the metabolism
  • Access to a private FB support group with daily top tips and support as well as more recipes and plenty of success stories
  • 24/7 email and what’s app support
  • Full range of premium quality vegan, botanical supplements and nutritional products to increase your body’s fat burning capacity whilst making the plan more convenient and sustainable for every day life, no matter what your schedule is
  • Accountability! You are 50% more likely to succeed with someone guiding you
  • No need to even step foot in a gym!

Success Story

I have just finished the Clean and Lean 30 day programme and I have lost 19Ib! So very pleased. I have been a yoyo dieter for years now. I have an under active thyroid and prior to the programme found it hard to lose weight and focus. Now, I feel great! No wheat, dairy or gluten, just clean food and the right supplements to make the plan simple, tasty and even more nutritious.

I would highly recommend this to anyone who is thinking about doing it to do it. I have more clarity, sleeping better and a great feeling of well-being. I am going to carry on as it has completely changed the way I view food. Coconut oil has become my new best friend!!

Sharon Bubb

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