A dedicated educator & student of health, Kelly Brearley has been a yoga, nutritionist and ayurvedic practitioner for over 10 years. She is a qualified NLP practitioner and specialises in trance hypnotherapy.

“I am a firm believing that you cannot flourish without looking after yourself in a holistic way. This does not mean you have to be a trippy hippy, chanting mantras all day, although I highly recommend it! It’s about being honest with yourself and looking at your whole life intimately. Understanding that everything is inter-connected. If you aren’t eating healthy you won’t have the sharpest mind you are capable of; you can’t have an unhealthy body and a healthy mind. Each go hand in hand.

Synergy is the jam of friendship within you and around you. You must be your own best friend to keep things working in harmony and in sync.

Imagine the relationship you have with your best friend, you can achieve anything together, right? You get each other. Sometimes words aren’t even necessary, just that reassuring look because you can almost read one another’s mind. Together, in sync, happy and getting the best from each other’s passion and energy. Now imagine the feeling you get from your worst enemy, that bad vibe you can’t bear to be around, someone who lights up a room…on their exit. We all know one!”

What Kelly sets out to achieve is the integration of a positive mind-body relationship within each individual. She studies the cause rather than the symptom. The word, yoga actually means ‘union’ or to ‘bind’ helping the mind and body re-connect by taking into account not just the physical body but mindfulness and even the social factors of the individual.

This is why she is such an advocate of the healthy living Sarah promotes.

“Most people don’t know serotonin, the ‘feel good’ chemical produced by the body, is responsible for mood balance. A deficit of this can leave you feeling anything from a little bit ‘meh’ to deep depression and suicidal. Moreover, most people don’t realise it is actually manufactured in the intestines. Therefore, your mood is directly influenced by the efficiency of your digestive system. The level of serotonin you have in your gut will affect anything from your mood, behaviour, eating habits, libido and sleep. Remember how good you felt reflecting on the relationship with your best friend; your brain and digestion need to stay best friends.

A good gut is paramount to live a long and happy life and the correct balance of gut flora is a key aspect in achieving this. To balance this is easy with the right diet to include pre-biotic rich food like garlic, onion, leeks, asparagus and Jerusalem artichokes. These foods aid the healthy growth of pro-biotics in your body; the live micro-organisms that make your gut work well and thus produce the right amount of serotonin.”

Kelly is founder of www.trueyou.guru where she continues to support others’ flourish in business, love and life by providing holistic health & wealth coaching for businesses and individuals to helping them discover their purpose and highest potential. Contact Kelly to find out how you can naturally increase your body’s serotonin levels.