Are You Determined To Look And Feel Fabulous On the Biggest Day Of Your Life?

Do you have a DREAM dress you are desperate to wear?

Do you want to have a GLOWING, CLEAR COMPLEXION so that you walk down the aisle feeling CONFIDENT and RADIANT?

Do you want FLAWLESS make up that lasts all day?

Download your Free ‘Beautiful Bride Guide’ and uncover the secrets to being the Blushing Beautiful Bride you deserve to be.

What are your biggest concerns for your big day?

Clean and Lean 30 Day Dream Dress Programme

You are holding off buying your Dream Dress until you have lost a few pounds. You are fed up with unsustainable plans, information overwhelm and going it alone.

What you want:

  • To wear your dream dress with no lumps and bumps showing
  • To be confident and happy in your body so you can enjoy your big day
  • To lose weight without feeling deprived and hungry
  • To follow a plan that is effective, simple to follow with full support and guidance
  • Your other half to be beaming with pride as he sees you walk down the aisle
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Complexion Perfection Programme

You are worried that you will have breakouts on the morning of your big day. You are fed up with your dull complexion and want those fine lines and pesky wrinkles to be blasted into oblivion.

What you want:

  • To get your glow on, to diminish fine lines and wrinkles and have a clear complexion
  • To limit the risk of spots on the big day
  • To FINALLY know what your skin type is
  • To have a Beauty Professional look after your skin to take the guess work out of it for you
  • To take some time out for you to relax whilst your skin gets a pampering
  • To stop spending money on lotions and potions that don͛t work
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Make Up Masterclass

Perhaps you have a destination wedding and are stressing about who will do your make up, whether you can fit a trial in and battling with language barriers. You DEFINITELY don’t want to walk down the aisle like CoCo the Clown but are feeling that it may be on the cards if you leave it to chance. Or maybe you want to make sure your Bridesmaids are looking HOT on the wedding day.

What you want:

  • To learn the tips and tricks to FLAWLESS Make Up
  • To ensure you have all the right products to give you the look you want without having to source them all
  • To have some fun
  • To make sure your Bridal Party look FABULOUS too
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You know you do NOT want to be stressing on your big day about doing your own make up. You have enough to deal with, the morning of your wedding is the time to take a step back, be looked after and let everyone else work their magic.

What you want:

  • A professional to come in and make you feel relaxed, confident and BEAUTIFUL
  • Someone who understands you and listens to your needs
  • To still look like YOU
  • Make up that lasts all day, yet is lightweight, breathable and natural
  • A trial to get the look perfected before the big day so you can sit back and relax with a glass of Champagne in hand
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Here is what my BEAUTIFUL Brides say

Lauretta HanchardI feel amazing. I wasn’t big to start with but the best part of this plan is how I now feel inside. I don’t feel tired, don’t get that afternoon lull, my sugar addiction is cured and I have a new outlook on life.

I have learnt so much about food and the best bit is, I didn’t do a single bit of exercise!!! I actually quit the gym just as I started!! Being healthy rocks!!!!!

Lauretta Hanchard

Clare GothardI had been suffering with troubled skin for over a year. I tried various contraceptive pills, different spot creams, face creams & visited the doctors & nothing helped 😩. It was beginning to really get me down and I was losing my confidence & hated being in social situations as I was so uncomfortable with my skin. A year and a half passed & I got in contact with Sarah who kindly offered me a free consultation. She introduced a new diet plan for me & gave me an amazing facial which did my skin the world of good using a variety of Arbonne International botanically based products getting rid of any unwanted toxins … She applied these amazing products and suggested I changed my make up brand. Over 6 weeks I stuck to my new diet plan exercised regularly & introduced my skin to the new Arbonne products. I started to use the Arbonne foundation – which I cannot recommend enough 😀 it is amazing – slowly my skin has improved so much & I now don’t have any under the skin bumps & pimples to worry about !

I’m so glad I made these changes and can’t thank Sarah enough for her help advice & support in me getting healthier looking skin

Clare Gothard

sharon cooperBeing a wedding photographer I understand that make up is an important part of any Brides big day. Make up is a very personal thing and finding the right make up artist is key. Lots of my brides have booked Sarah and seeing her work with them, her professionalism and approach is what puts her streets ahead. My brides feel relaxed and love the results and the products she uses. She’s a lovely person who I highly recommend.

Brides who book Sarah, start the day right, feeling relaxed and looking gorgeous. I love to recommend someone who I know will do an exceptional job. This is why you should book Sarah!

Sharon Cooper


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